Guide run

jan olsen 001A bit nervous about my guide day tomorrow, I decided to jump in the boat with my two head oar monkeys, Chris and Alex.  These guys were on about a fifteen mile excursion on the Bitterroot and were kind enough to let me partake in about five of those miles in the time that I had.  They even had cold beer waiting for me, bless their hearts.

jan olsen 016Slow but steady, we found fish holding in the rears and insides of the runs where softer water is found.  Not too many came off the hard banks, but when they did they charged hard and impulsive, making for tricky timing on the hook sets.  In other words, I missed most of those bastards or lost them after the surprise of the strike.  The boys dinged a few good ones, though, and gave me confidence in the stretch I plan to guide tomorrow.

jan olsen 023Dropping me off at my get out point, I bid farewell as the boys drift off into the cottonwoods and log jams awaiting for the final few miles of their drift.  Evening clouds are finally coming so their fishing should only get better as things are cooling off and darkening up.  I pack up and start to get my head in the game for tomorrow; it should be a good day out there.

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