Missouri Area Lodging

Wolf Creek, Montana
Wolf Creek Angler- (formerly MRO)

(406) 235-4350   wolfcreekangler.com

These cabins and motel, plus flyshop and shuttles, are located just out of Wolf Creek and about three scenic miles from the boat ramp at Wolf Creek bridge.  Nice clean rooms, quiet and peaceful with convenient front decks for hanging waders and after fishing cocktails. Frenchy’s saloon and the Oasis bar are nearby for 7 AM breakfast.

Frenchy’s Motel

(406) 235-4251

Simple, cheap, convenient, and in serious need of a paint job.  We’ve stayed at Frenchy’s plenty of nights for a warm bed and a roof, and sometimes the hot water even works!  That’s all a hardened angler needs, right?

Craig, Montana
Craig Trout Camp

(406) 235-3447  craigtroutcamp.com,  headhuntersflyshop.com

Operated by Headhunters flyshop, these cabins are spread about the area from right in town on the river, to deep down canyon away from the bustle of Craig.  These are some of the nicest accommodations on the Mo, a good option for groups looking to split costs.

The Trout Shop

(406) 235-4474  thetroutshop.com

Perfectly triangulated between Joe’s bar, Issac’s restaurant, and the Craig boat ramp, the Trout Shop lodge is a perfect place to home base a trip to the Missouri.  Right in town, which is near everything,

Crosscurrents Flyshop

(406) 235-3433  crosscurrents.com

Once again, right in Craig near everything.  From nice rooms at the flyshop in town, to cabins on the river, to full on luxury homes situated throughout the area; lots of options available.